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Hotel publicity - Reach out to a world-wide audience 24/7

Publicizing a hotel business through electronic media can be very expensive. On the other hand, it may not be comprehensive as to cover all the details a client may require. Similarly, one may fail to catch the advert once it is done. With a website, it holds all the information ready for use 24hours a day and 7 days a week. This makes the information relevant and available to the client and to his or her convenience.

Online booking - Build your Hotel Brand through your Hotel Website

Bookings are generated at your own hotel website – Increased trust factor for your guests. Customers can book directly with on the hotel’s website.  This increases the bookings and subsequently the profits realized by the hotel. The Hotel’s Brand is also enhanced through an exclusive online presence and increased trust factor.

A hotel website is informative - Creating a lasting first impression on your prospective clients

A nice looking website that offers an attractive image of the hotel and its surrounding captures the attention of the client. The hotel management must ensure that the website displays how they really are and even more.

Competitive advantage - Creating a lasting first impression on your prospective clients

The services provided at the hotel are included in the website. This may include services that are too many to be described in an electronic media spot. The website therefore summarizes the whole hotel business for the convenience of the client. Special emphasis can are put on the firms competitive edge so as to be clear to the client. A website also provides the client with answers to the frequently asked questions hence saving time and money on staff to attend the queries.

Websites are cheap to maintain and even cheaper to update

Any new event is placed on the hotels website and its details are well provided for. This supplements the electronic advertising and print media in that the hotel will advice them to visit the website for more information after making a short spot on T.V. or radio. A change in the progress of the hotel that the client and general public ought to know is also placed in the website for the interested parties to view.

The OTA Dependency

There is a pressing need to avoid overt dependency on Online Travel Agents for generating online bookings, for the following reasons:

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